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It all started with a couple of drinks
and some cigars

  • Central Cigars is St. Petersburg’s premier cigar bar and lounge offering one of the largest cigar selections in the Tampa Bay Area.
  • What started as Central Cigars in the late 90’s, a cigar store where Central Cigars’ patrons could enjoy cigars from Saint Petersburg’s largest selection of premium cigars… eventually evolved into Central Cigars & “The Havana Room” in the 2000’s and finally… Central Cigars & Ruby’s Elixir in 2011 amidst growing demand for live music in more recent years.

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    A limited-edition box-pressed blend

    Serie V and Serie V Melanio, Serie V Melanio Maduro is a limited-edition box-pressed blend that lives up to expectations, and then some. Named to honor Melanio Oliva, who is believed to be the first member of the Oliva Cigar Company to grow tobacco, this maduro fitfully honors his legacy with an intriguing blend of flavor and texture.

    A Dominican made Rocky Patel

    Recently Mr. Patel visited the Dominican and he must have liked what he found, since he returned with a tasty new handmade. Rocky has worked with these factories before, but always the Honduras one. They make great cigars, but the Dominican factory is really the flagship one, and this is Rocky’s first venture with the main operation.

    The Scepter Series is = the finest

    The Scepter Series offers great taste, complex yet harmoniuos experience and exquisite aromas with range of strengths suitable for both the novice and experience aficionado. A blend of different filler from Dominican Republic and Peru, combined with a Connecticut binder and finished with a Connecticut Ecuador wrapper. Light to medium in body but full of complex flavors.

    A limited-edition box-pressed blend

    This blend is rolled at Tabacalera La Alianza in the Dominican Republic, and is a collaboration between Robert Caldwell and Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. Toasting the foot, you’ll find a pleasant mixture of nuttiness, raisin, and sweet natural tobacco for a cigar that’s easy to come back to time and time again. My recommendation — give this boutique blend some time as soon as you get a chance.

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